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Boon Pro's Online tax return program makes tax time easier

Let Boon Pro prepare your tax return for you online. Start now and maximise your tax refund.

Our team of tax experts, located in Sydney NSW, we will prepare your tax return online for you. All this, from the convenience of your home or office - a guaranteed way to ease the stress of tax time.

No deduction or offset is missed

Simply create an account, answer the relevant questions and one of our Boon Pro tax consultants will contact you. We ensure no tax deduction or offset is missed, resulting in the maximum tax refund. You can upload tax related documents and chat online or on the phone with your tax consultant.

Once we’ve prepared your return, you can review and approve it online, then we’ll lodge it with the Australian Taxation Office. Start now...

Receive your refund fast

Fees start from $59 and are fully tax deductible. 

Before you start, gather your tax related documents such as:

  • PAYG Payment Summaries/Group certificates

  • social security, pensions, allowance documents/statements

  • family assistance statement

  • private health insurance statements

  • schedule of work related expenses

  • business income and expenses

  • franked credits from dividend statements

  • superannuation if self employed

  • prior year tax losses

  • previous year's accounting/tax lodgement fee

  • investment property expenses and depreciation schedule

  • interest/fees on borrowing for investment purposes.

For more information speak to our Online Tax Team, in Sydney, on 0478 812 600.

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At Boon Pro we will help you lodge your tax return and claim your maximum tax refund with maximum confidence.

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